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About this course

Course Description

With this Self-paced Online IELTS writing course, you won't need to leave home and go to class for your IELTS preparation! Instead, by taking this online IELTS writing course, you will learn from your video tutor, interactive exercises and receive educational support from an international team of experienced IELTS experts.

This course is for anyone who...

  • is at an Intermediate level or above.
  • wants control over their learning times.
  • needs to prepare for IELTS in a short time.
  • is looking for high quality private education at a low cost.

By the end of the course, you will...

  • be familiar with IELTS writing test format: Task 1 and task 2.
  • learn the general and academic vocabulary that you need for IELTS writing: Letters, reports and essays.
  • be able to use a variety of English sentence structures: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex.
  • learn how to analyze IELTS writing tasks.
  • master paragraph development.
  • be able to distinguish between IELTS writing essay task types.
  • recognize IELTS writing Academic task 1 visuals: Line graphs, bar chart, etc.
  • learn how to write effective letters in IELTS writing General Training task 1.
  • get familiar with IELTS writing assessment criteria (band descriptors).
  • learn all the punctuation rules and how to use them: full stop, comma, semi-colon, etc.
  • be given any tips, strategies and practice you need for success at IELTS.

What are the requirements?

  • A computer (recommended) or a smartphone/tablet
  • Average speed Internet connection

Writing Course Syllabus

1    Introduction

1.1    About the Writing Test

1.2    General Training versus Academic

1.3    Classic or Contemporary Formatting?

1.4    Pen or Pencil?

2  Vocabulary and Grammar

2.1    The Oxford 3000 and AWL

3  Types of English Sentences

3.1    Simple Sentences

3.2    Compound Sentences

3.3    Complex Sentences

3.4    Compound-Complex Sentences

3.5    Which Sentence Type to Use

4  Stages of Writing

4.1    Analyzing the Question

4.2    Brainstorming and Planning

4.3    The Writing Stage

4.4    Proofreading

5  Paragraph Structure

5.1    What's a Paragraph?

5.2    Write a Good Topic Sentence

5.3    Write Supporting Sentences

5.4    Write a Concluding Sentence

6  Essay Writing (Task 2)

6.1    From Paragraph to Essay

6.2    Types of IELTS Essays

6.3    Write an Opinion Essay

6.4    Write a Discussion-led Essay

6.5    Write a Problem/Solution Essay

6.6    Write a Cause/Effect Essay

6.7    Write an Advantages/Disadvantages Essay

6.8    Comparing Essay Types

6.9    Useful Language for Essays

6.10    Proofreading Checklist for Essays

7  Letter Writing (GT Task 1)

7.1    About Letter Writing

7.2    Standard Letter Layout

7.3    Analyzing the Task

7.4    Writing a Model Informal Letter

7.5    Writing a Model Formal Letter

7.6    Writing the Salutation and Valediction

7.7    How to Begin the Body

7.8    Useful Language for the Body

7.9    Language for the Purpose

7.10    Proofreading Checklist for Letters

8  Report Writing (Ac Task 1)

8.1    Types of Visuals

8.2    Analyzing the Task

8.3    The Report Layout

8.4    Importance of Word Choice

8.5    Language for Percentages

8.6    Language for Trends

8.7    Language for Comparisons

8.8    Language for Processes

8.9    Use Correct Tenses

8.10    Active or Passive?

8.11    Model Pie Chart

8.12    Model Line Graph

8.13    Model Bar Chart

8.14    Model Table

8.15    Model Diagram

8.16    Proofreading Checklist for Reports

9  Writing Assessment Criteria

9.1    Criteria for GT

9.2    Criteria for Ac

10  Punctuation

10.1    Punctuation Rules

11  Interviews with Candidates

11.1    Writing Tips from Other Candidates

About the Instructor

Mehdi Safavi is a Cambridge certified English teacher (CELTA Grade A), IDP Education Australia certified IELTS expert, Sussex Downs College TESOL and British Council TKT with 16+ years of teaching & teacher training experience. Read more about him →

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this IELTS writing course?

This is a self-paced course, so you can study at your own pace! For example, if you study every day, you may finish this IELTS writing course in about a week, but if you can only study the lessons on weekends, it can take you about 30 days to complete. However, to make sure you can finish your courses at your convenience, we keep your access to the Academy open for 70 days (more than twice the time you actually need to complete the course!)

Will I have a live teacher?

No, but there is a teacher in pre-recorded video lessons on the IELTS Juice website. You will receive the tips and strategies from video tutor and practice them with lots of online exercises. Although there is no live teacher to explain things, our educational support team will always be happy to answer the questions you ask under each lesson.

Is a high speed Internet connection necessary?

Not really. The good news is that the video lessons are prepared in a way that even very low-speed Internet users are able to view them with no problems.

How many days/hours do I have to study?

You can study any time of the day and as long as you can! In self-paced courses, you won’t have to go online at specific times. But generally, we recommend about 2-4 hours of studying each day if you are aiming for a high score in the IELTS writing test. Don't forget to one day off in a week to take a break :).

Will I need any books to study during this online IELTS writing course?

Nothing except Cambridge IELTS books 6-11 which should be used as your practice material. Everything else is provided by the IELTS Juice Online Academy. There are interactive online exercises and downloadable materials that will be more than enough for your IELTS preparation.

What if I have questions during the course?

Don't worry! In each lesson, there is a Questions and Answers section where you can write your questions and get answers. Our educational support team will reply to your comments as soon as humanly possible.

Do you have any other questions?