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What IELTS test center to select

What IELTS test center to select

07 Aug 2015 Kasra Sharifan

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Choosing the best IELTS test center can become quite a challenge for some IELTS Candidates. The date, the place and even the correct module are important things when registering for the test. In this week's lesson, we focus on answering some of the questions about your IELTS test center.

Here are some of the questions

1- Which IELTS test center gives better marks?
Actually, IELTS is held by three internationally-recognized organizations: IDP, the British Council and Cambridge. You may take the test in any center of your choosing as IELTS questions come from the same bank and the rules and regulations as well as assessment criteria are consistent across test centers.

2- To take the test, is it better to travel to another city/country?
IELTS is a standard test, meaning the test is given according to IELTS rules and regulations and so are the assessments and scoring. In the eyes of IELTS, it does not matter where you take the test as the procedure must be exactly the same. Knowing this, it is recommended that you take the test somewhere in the vicinity of where you live or the closest center possible. 

3- Can I postpone or prepone my test date?
It is absolutely possible that you change the test date; however, there are important points to consider. First of all, the seats are limited, so when you change the date, there might be no seats left for the new date. In other words, you might risk losing the booked seat you already have. Therefore, always check seat availability in the new desired date. Secondly, the test center might charge you a cancellation fee. It varies from one center to another and might depend on how early you decided to cancel your reservation. Finally, make sure you do not rush as sometimes some candidates book for General Training instead of Academic IELTS or vice versa.

4- My friend's friend is working in that test center. Will it affect my score?
This has nothing to do with the score you get. It is because examiners are under constant supervision. In addition, they assess your Speaking and Writing according to a chart which instructs them clearly and objectively what score must be given to what type of response.

5- The examiner speaks the same language as I do. Does it mean I can get a better/lower score?
IELTS tends to use local examiners, but these examiners are professionally trained and must carry out the procedure without missing out any steps. So, it does not really matter what language the examiners speak.