IELTS Overview

Academic Writing

Writing is the third skill tested on the exam day, and the Academic version of the test is taken for educational purposes. There are two sections to the test:

Task 1

  • Academic Report
  • 150 Words
  • 20 Minutes

Task 2

  • Essay
  • 250 Words
  • 40 Minutes

Task Details

  • Task 1
  • Visual information presented in: diagram, chart, graph, table, etc.
  • Candidates describe the information of data
  • No analysis required
  • Task 2
  • An extended piece of writing
  • Candidates base the writing on a given point of view or problem

Target writing skills

  • Task 1
  • Present, describe, interpret, compare data
  • Describe a process
  • Use appropriate and accurate language
  • Task 2
  • Argue, defend or attack a point of view backed by evidence
  • Present the solution to a problem
  • Compare & contrast opinions drawing on personal experience

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