UK Says Iran IELTS Centers Not Secure!

UK Says Iran IELTS Centers Not Secure!

14 May 2015


Why does the UK government say IELTS test centers are not secure?

According to the new regulations, after 05 April 2015, only IELTS tests taken at Secure English Language Test Centers (SELTC’s) will be accepted for UK visa applications. Test Centres near visa processing offices have been approved. Unfortunately, as there is neither a visa processing office nor a UK Embassy in Iran, test centers in Iran have not been included in the list of Secure English Language Test Centers.


When will this change and Iran will have a secure test center?

There are currently no plans to open a SELTC in Iran because there is no UK Embassy and no UK visa processing office in Iran.



You mean IELTS test results from test centers in Iran are worthless?

No. The IELTS tests from the test centers in Iran are still the same quality and standard. They are still globally recognized and can be used for all other purposes in the US, Canada, Australia, but NOT UK visa applications.



What should Iranian IELTS candidates do now?

The closest secure test centers are in the UAE and Turkey. Iranians have to take the IELTS test outside Iran if they need it for immigration to or studying in the UK.


N.B. Anyone who has taken a previously approved test on or before 5 April 2015 may still use it in a UK immigration application until 5 November 2015 providing the test is one of those detailed in the transitional approved tests list.



Download the List of approved tests and providers: from 6 April 2015