The new version of IELTS Juice is on the way...

The new version of IELTS Juice is on the way...

04 Nov 2015

Since the very first moments of launching the IELTS Juice website, my team and I have always tried to do our best. We have succeeded in presenting one of the best websites in the field of English learning and IELTS preparation. But sometimes it is not enough to do our best; it is time to do what is required for the future. And that’s why we have started to design and program an all-new version of the IELTS Juice website! It will be more attractive, faster and even easier to navigate or search.


The good news is we will not allow the website to be down (i.e. inaccessible) even for seconds, and it means we will do all our modifications while the website is still up and running! And it’s not easy at all. Some errors might happen and our tasks will be much harder than normal changes. However, as we care about our language learners and don’t want to limit our contents to the visitors even for a moment, we have decided to do our tasks in that way.


Please be advised that until then, you may face technical errors or some of our contents may not display correctly, or our Online Academy members may face limited access — they may not be able to enter some weeks. But don’t worry! You can always contact our team via the support email ( to let us know your problems. 


In the end, please accept our apologies for any possible inconvenience in your learning experience with us, and feel free to send us your feedback. It would be highly appreciated if you let us know what you think about our work.


Aireza Nejat
Chief Technical Officer