Free IELTS Q&A Telegram Group

Free IELTS Q&A Telegram Group

10 Mar 2016

This specialized Telegram group is a place where you can discuss your IELTS-related questions ONLY.

Other IELTS candidates in the group can answer your questions, but our IELTS experts are also available to provide help and suggest related lessons from the Internet.

So ask questions, get answers, help others and connect with people who are preparing for IELTS just like you.

Join now, and introduce it to your friends or share the link in other Telegram groups. Here’s the short link:



Group Rules:

1- No joke sharing
2- No irrelevant picture/video/link sharing
3- No personal chats
4- No off-topic discussions
5- No advertising

Note: Members who do not obey the rules will be removed and blocked immediately.