Connectivity problem of our users is now gone

Connectivity problem of our users is now gone

04 Nov 2015

We admit that it is our duty to ensure that everything works fine on our website, but there are some things that we have no control over such as filtering or connectivity issues in broadband Internet. Unfortunately, some of these issues may cause our website some problems and disrupt our online services.


Our visitors and academy members from this county faced some problems during the last week, and as far as we know it was a nationwide Internet issue. Plus some of our external services that we’re using are blocked and our Iranian members haven’t been able to see some of our videos or the website design didn’t load completely for some. What’s more, some of our Iranian IELTS teachers responsible for content creation haven't had access to the website for about 5 days. As a result, some of our academy contents haven’t been updated.


Anyway, we have just been told that the problems are gone visitors and content creators have a decent access to the website. We apologize to our Iranian visitors. 


To help us respond to similar situations better and faster in the future, we would appreciate it if you let us know when you face something strange or a local bug on our website.


Alireza Nejat
Chief Technical Officer